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Our College has set its clear path to be a distinguished scientific edifice and at the top of the world-classified universities ...

About College

The College was established in 2010 in accordance to the decision of the Ministers Council No. 427 of 2009, whereby the Council of Ministers, in its ordinary session (No. 45) held on 12 ∕12 ∕ 2009, decided to grant the establishment's license to the College ...

Why Al-Mustaqbal University College?

- Because the College obtained the consent of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Al-Mustaqbal University College committed to all regulations of the ministry of higher education and scientific research and strictly follows the ministry orders. Hence, we herby confirm that all departments in our college are recognized by the Iraq government and we grand our graduates a certificate which equivalent to the certificate offered by the counterpart colleges in the public universities.

Al-Mustaqbal University College has rich varieties of faculties compared to other private colleges. Our college offered a bachelor degree in various Humanities, Engineering and Medical disciplines. Currently, we offer a bachelor degree in thirteen disciplines which explained in table below. However, we always coordinate with the ministry of higher education to establish new facilities in order to improve the scientific development in our beloved country.
1. Department of Dentistry.
2. Department of Pharmacy.
3. Department of Pathological Analysis Techniques.
4. Department of Medical physics.
5. Department of Computer Engineering Techniques
6. Department of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Techniques.
7. Department of Biomedical Engineering.
8. Department of Building & Construction Engineering Techniques.
9. Department of Chemical Engineering & Petroleum Industries.
10. Department of Business Administration.
11. Department of Accounting.
12. Department of Law.
13. Department of Physical Education and Sport Science.

Al-Mustaqbal University College is keen to recruit expert’s administration staff and adopt the latest information technology systems which facilitate the admission process. Our applicants have to follow the following steps to apply for any department at our college.
1. Obtain the admission form which available at the admission center at Al-Mustaqbal University College.
2. Fill the admission form as per the requirements of the desired faculty.
3. Submit the form to the admission center and attaché the required documents.

The documents required during the admission process.
1. Rectify the admission form the applicant high school and directorate of education.
2. Iraqi national identification card (original + colored copy).
3. Iraqi national identification certificate (original + 1 colored copy).
4. Medical certificate. 5. Six pictures size (6*4).

Al-Mustaqbal university sponsorship qualified researchers and distinguished students. Hence, we follow discount program which reach up to 100% of the academic fees for the first ranked students, 75% discount for the second ranked students and 50% discount for the third ranked students. Additionally, we attract first ranked student by offering them jobs at our college.


Departments of Al-Mustaqbal University College

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Prof. Hassan Shaker Magdy

Prof. Ali Shaalan Mailef

Dr. Sabah Al-Thamer
Muayed Ali Fadel
. Dr.. Ammar Abbas Kazem Al Husseini
Mohammed Hamza Daham Al Maamouri
Dr. Saad Abd Madi
Dr. Azhar Mohsen Abd
Dr. Assam Kamel Saleh
Prof. Hassan Odeh Al Ghanmi ... Muthanna University
Prof. Conscience of Hussein al-Maamouri ... Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Dr. Kazem Abdel Nabi Ali ... Al-Mustaqbal University College
a. Dr.. The Companion of Rafik Morjan ... Al-Mustaqbal University College
a. Dr.. Riad Hassan Hadi ... University of Technology
Prof. Jawad Kazem Abdul Bakri ... University of Babylon
Prof. Dr. Khairi Abdullah Dawood ... Al-Mustaqbal University College
Prof. Loyalty Dean Khairi Saeed ... Al-Mustaqbal University College
Dr. Ali Sultan Yassin ... Al-Mustaqbal University College
a. Dr.. Mazen Abdelhadi Ahmed ... University of Babylon
Mother. Dr.. Essam Magbel Abd ... University of Babylon

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